Zeng Renzhen creates 新亚博app下载首页后花园eries of paintings which


Zeng Renzhen creates 新亚博app下载首页后花园eries of paintings which

Despite having six books of his paintings published, he regards himself first and foremost as an architect. These past ye

ars of painting have been his own way of researching the relationship between people and space.新亚博app下载首页后花园女神会所

“I have a clear goal in my painting, which is to ponder the relationship between humans and nature, between human activ

新亚博app下载首页后花园ities and space… and to address the professional topics of architectural design that I am interested in,” Zeng says.

Born in 1982, Zeng grew up in the small city of Yongzhou, Hunan province. Possessing a delic

ate constitution as a child, Zeng spent much of his youth sitting quietly on his own, drawing and reading.新亚博app下载首页后花园

In middle school art class, he found himself captivated by the works of Fan Kuan, a Chinese painter from the Song D

ynasty (960-1279), whose landscape paintings introduced to him a previously hidden view of nature.

新亚博app下载首页后花园女神会所He then immersed himself in landscape painting, which led him to be

come increasingly passionate about the art form toward the end of high school.

Without having received any formal training, he chose to study architecture, a disciplin新亚博app下载首页后花园

e that requires basic drawing skills, at Chang’an University in Shaanxi province’s capital Xi’an.

In this historical city, he spent four years researching the old residential areas and studying the living conditions in the local co

新亚博app下载首页后花园女神会所mmunities, fostering a respect for tradition and a consideration for human wellbeing.

Having graduated in 2007, he worked at an architectural firm for seven years, during which ti

me he attended an architecture course at Peking University and discovered a vocation that connected hi新亚博app下载首页后花园

s love for landscape with his architecture expertise-classical garden design, a

discipline which he says embodies the ultimate consideration for the human living environment.

新亚博app下载首页后花园女神会所In 2014, he resigned from his job to go on a two-month field study to Jiangnan, a re

gion south of the Yangtze River that is home to China’s most renowned classical gardens.



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